Sunday, 13 November 2016

Face Mask for Winter (Honey with Oats)

Hello my dear readers, it has been long I have not written any post for my beauty section, even though I am so sick that was unable to write any post during those days.Weather has been changed in India and many of the people have health problems, including myself.

 So today finally I have decided to move on,  (even though I am unable to speak because of my throat pain, but at least can write) and write about one face mask, which I have tried few days ago.
This mask is very good for winter season, since it has all the vitamins and ingredients to give our face smooth and healthy complexion.
For this we need:
  1. One tablespoon of oats (here I have made  a powder of oats, which is more better)
  2. honey (it can be little less than one tablespoon, because when honey is more than required, after applying to the skin it melts, because of skin temperature, and falls from the skin).Just make sure the quantity of honey is enough to make a past from the mixture.

Apply it on the clean face (it's better after hot shower, when pores are open and skin is clean), leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water, after sometime apply nourishing  cream (optional).
Its better to do this process before sleep, because during the sleep our skin gets better relax and natural moisture. 

About healthy benefits of honey I have written in my previous posts, however with few words I can say that honey has a lot of antioxidants, which slow down aging process, it has enzyme which clears the pores, and also nutrients, which nourish, cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Oats  have an important role to play in skin care. Oats has been used since 2000 BC, from Egyptians, Arabs, later on from Romans and Greeks for their skin beauty.
Oat is a natural remedy for treating acne, it contains beta-glucan which moisturize the skin and removes the deed layers.
Oats has anti-inflammatory properties which is good for every kind of skin. And specially good for dry and itchy skin.Oats contains natural cleanser called saponins, which removes the dirt and oil from the pores without irritation .Oat is also known for its lightening effect and as well as improving skin tone and texture.  
Oat protects the skin from chemical and from skin conditions like eczema and rashes.
So that is why we use oats in our mask, because it has so many benefits for skin.

Hope you will try this mask and will your comment below.

Stay beautiful 

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