Monday, 28 November 2016

Who is the good person?

Hello my reader, welcome back to my blog. Since I live in India I don't feel so much difference when weather changes. Ether it's summer or autumn or winter, everything looks like the same.
By growing up in the country where every season had a huge difference on environment, here in India I can feel only hot summer. But this year I dont really know whats wrong (or may be right) with me, I felt the november as a real autumn. I have became sentimental, mopish, started to spend my time on reading a book, and to think about life, human relation,what's going on around us.
Yesterday I was thinking  what it means to be a good person?
When I was child, my parents use to tell me, that whatever I will become in my life, first of all I have to be a good person.
In that age  "Being a good person" I could understand being like my parents. As we know for children their parents are their ideals, and I was not an exception.
When I grew up, I realise its not exactly like this. However it doesn't mean my parents are not good people, no, not at all, its opposite, they are too good for society, that its not really good for them.

Since the date I have started a little bit understand about this life, I am stuck in one question "how to be a good person for others and for yourself as well".First of all its really hard to be a good person (I mean for everyone).
I hope my reader will understand my point. "Being a good person"is a very huge and global question, because for someone we can be good, and for others not so.

When we were kids, our parents keep saying "do not lie, do not murder or harm, do respect people, always tell the truth, be honest, be faithful to your friends, be happy with what you have..."
Now I am asking a question to myself, "the fact, that I am not killing a human, but I do eat a meat of killed animal, does it give me the right to say that I am a good person? or all the standards are taken just for human?" Complicated, isn't it?

Now lets come to the telling a truth. How we can tell the truth everyone? And its not even telling the truth, sometime  I just want to be silent about some topics, because its too personal, or its something about which I don't want to talk. However some people does not understand your silence, they will keep asking, by avoiding your behavior of changing the topic. They will ask it in direct and non direct way, they will torture your psychology by asking questions in so many different ways till you will finally lost your mind and tell everything whatever they want to hear. But even when you lost your mind, remember do not tell everything regarding your personal life  (so here it comes, I am not a good person, since I may not give full information).
Everyone lies in this world, people do it in every second. If there is no one dies because of our lie it doesnt mean that it's not a guilt. But how to be? Do we suppose to tell whole the truth about our lives whoever will ask us?
So this is why I said its hard to be a good person, because you always need to keep a balance.

If you have the courage to observe yourself, your motivations and actions you will find it to be true.

In other way being a good person means to have a pure heart, the heart which loves unconditionally (here I can 100% say my heart is really pure).
While growing up we can experience a different human emotions, but our task is to achieve a maturity and let destructive feeling to go, and experience a deep love.
We all have to understand, in the depths of our heart, our soul wants to be a good, because it's the only way to achieve lasting happiness.
Ideally, we strive to be good, out of empathy and compassion, but if that's not enough, look at this way: every positive action we take creates overall better world.

After all, being a good person means different things to different people, it all depends on who you ask.
Am I really good person if I don't keel someone, I don't hurt, I don't steal, I am not jealous, I do help people as much as I can, I do share as much as it's possible, I never cheat my family, I do care about nature and animals, but the same time I can not leave my habit of non vegetarian food, I am honest with the people but the same time I choose with whom to be???
I don't know if I am a good or bad, but I am just like this, a human with my positive and negative characteristics, but at least trying to be good the way I understand and according moral values.
And finally

Let's be good to each other, and make this world better place to live

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