Friday, 25 November 2016

Thanksgiving...when its hard to be thankful

Hello my reader, welcome back to my blog.
Yesterday half of the world was celebrating Thanksgiving, which has made me to overthink about many periods of  my life.
Today I am going to talk not about this day exactly but generally what is it Thanksgiving? and why it's so hard to be thankful?
Its a day, to consider all the ways we have been blessed, to be grateful to the God for our families, our homes, our health, our peace and our love.
If you are reading this, you are probably one of us, and have lot to be thankful.
So why it's hard to stay on conscious way of gratefulness about everything good in our life's.
People are struggling from loneliness, addiction, illness, depression, divorce, infertility, injustice death.Life can seem so hard.And in such perioud of time, pain is too much that we are unable to see the positive light around us.We are humans, and we can not be gratful and complaining at same time.We will react to the signal which is more dominating. And most of the cases it's the negative one.

If I will speak about myself, frankly said I never feel "boring" because, when one problem is just finished and I want to be relax, another problem definitely follows me.And the funniest reality is that now I am so much used for such lifestyle that nothing surprises me anymore.
 I dont know if this happens with everyone or I am the only "blessed" person in this world, but I know problems have made me stronger than I was before. This "fights"never ends, and most probably this is the life (what I think).
In the beginning of my "mature" life, when I have started to realize how this world is moving, I use to think that why God send us too much of struggles. And in the small corner of my heart, I kept one question: "is there really God exist?" By growing up in the religious family, I was so scared to even think about it, that during the fight between my thoughts and my feeling I came to the point that we have to be Grateful to the God not just by counting our blessing, but also surrendering our struggles too.

Later, I have open one ideology for me." the hardest thing is to keep trust on God, when you are in worst period of your life". Its really too hard. The inner power which makes us to believe that "Yes God exist and he will not leave me alone", the same power gives us weapons to come over the problems.
For such times we are challenged to be more than just Thankful. We need to trust as well, trust to God and yourself.
 Its a inner power which makes you believe that the thing which you are struggling for and you probably don't have in your life is something which you can achieve. You are a weak but the same time too strong. Its a time when the "promise" of being thankful makes you to realise that you are the one who can handle with all the problems, and the faith to the God grows with your struggle. You believe your God will not leave you.You do not have a right to stop, because you have been thankful, and now you have to struggle till the time you will reach to your goal and be really gratful..
Its seems kind of complicated and hard (results of my overthinking 😃😃 ).

Life does not always go the way we expect it, but it goes the way is right.This all struggles are all small parts of a big picture, which is far more beautiful and lovely than we could ever dream of it.

Gratitude is not my natural disposition, it takes time and effort to remind myself about the reasons I have to be grateful.
And today I am grateful to the God for what I have in my life, and even for the struggles through which I have gone, since those have given me unexchangeable experience and wisdom to appreciate the "temporary" moments of happiness and the power to keep going.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, wish you all wonderful weekends 

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