Friday, 4 November 2016

Delhi... the city of opportunities or diseases

 Hello my dear readers, today I want to write about one topic which is very actual and very serious problem for present time in India and specially in Delhi. Unfortunately or fortunately I do live in capital city of India, in New Delhi. Frankly said I don't know really is it God blessing to me, that I am living here or opposite. In some points it's a good opportunity to develop myself, my career  and be a socialised and try to make an environment around me similar to my motherland, since here the life is active, cultural and social events are everywhere, all the embassies  are located here, therefore presence of different culture is more perceptible here, than in small towns.From one side it's good, because here we can find imported products, or even goods which have been newly manufactured.

Another point is that, here we have number of job opportunities. Good chance to grow your career. Many youngsters earn good money from multinational companies. I feel very happy to see how this city is growing. How metro stations are increasing by number. Day by day I can feel the growth of economy in this country, and I can see that in near future India will become one of the powerful countries in this world (and its like this even now).

However everything lost its meaning, when you are supposed to close your apartment's doors and   windows all the time, due to high air pollution, when you are unable to sleep whole night because of allergy, cough, and there is no medicine helps you anymore. And here it comes a question: " Do I want my babies to grow up in this country? Is this the future which I want to see for my generation? Will the economic growth save me and my family from upcoming ecological disaster? " I dont think so.

Day by day the fear about future becomes more and more, and it's normal, it's human instinct, because I want to save my family my friends and of course my own life. I don't want to see someone struggling because of illness, but unfortunately due to this condition and circumstances, it would be  unavoidable. Pollution has covered all this beautiful land in that level, that beauty is not visible anymore, rubbish is everywhere, and even the places where everything seems beautiful we can not enjoy due to air pollution.
This is the major problem for this country, because here we have every kind  of pollution : water, air, environmental.

I don't know which one to say. And I don't see any real action against it. Everyone polluting the environment with their own way, but waiting government to find a solution.
Dear people, dear government this is not a one person duty, this is a duty for whole nation, only government can not change something till your mentality and behavior will not be changed. Try to understand, open your eyes, this is going to be catastrophe, it's going to be disaster, do not hide yourself, do not ignore, start it from your own self. Keeping your own house clean and making environment dirty doesn't give you high social status, even if you have two MBA or PhD degrees, it does not have any value if you are destroying your own country, the country where your children should live and grow up.
Its time to take step, and instead of blaming each other, I hope soon the government also will understand the importance and danger of this problem, and will change some rules, at least to decrease the level of pollution.
Dear people when it comes Diwali, let's decrease fireworks, few minutes of enjoyment can lead to number of diseases, because of toxic poisons released by firecrackers.

Let's make not one day, but everyday festival, by  living in beautiful and clean country. Let's keep our surrounding areas clean, because this country is your country, and your country is your home.

P.S This year, in Diwali night we (I with my family ),  have not done any single fireworks, and this was a wake up call to my society, and I am happy that at least few of my neighbors, followed to my instance. 

Wish you all happy weekends. 

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