Friday, 3 February 2017

Love Story, which started with Two Napkins

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I am sitting in central library of Yerevan and preparing for midterm exams. Exams are hard, and most of my time I spend by sitting here and trying to figure out all chemical tasks. I am in fourth year of my study and in the end of this academic year I will achieve my Bachelor Degree, will go back to my town and start working as a teacher.

This is what it was in my mind, when I was preparing for  "Solid State Chemistry" exam. From one side wanted to enjoy my last year in university, from other side I was need to get  good knowledge and high marks.

I had a quite active student years, I was a member of different student organizations, have gone to several summer camps, organized  donations and charities, have taken part in all the univeristy events.  After all this, it was kind of stressful for me to imagine myself in town, where literally nothing exist, except three schools and few banks. But my family was living there and I was suppose to go back.

So that day was one of the "Days in Library", where  from one side 5-6 chemistry books, from other side Mendeleev's periodic table on my hand, I was trying to concentrate to my task, but someone behind me was sneezing all the time, it seems he has a flue. He was continuously sneezing around 30-40 minutes, finally I felt so irritated  that took two napkins from my bag, turn to the person, put it on his table and said: " It seems You need this".

Before that, I couldn't see who was sitting there, since he was behind me, only after I did all this, I could see he was a stranger, foreigner, and could hardly understand what I said.
The guy was looking at me with "question mark" on the face, trying to figure out what I have said. He definitely did not understand me.
With the feeling that I did something wrong, I turn to periodic table and continued my task.
After few minutes some other guy came to him and they started conversation. I could not understand what about they were talking, since it was another language. After conversation finished the second person has left, the first one started to pack his bag, he step to me and said with broken Armenian language: "Sorry Madam for disturbing You".
Then he left...
Kind of smile came to my face, but I just controlled my feeling and  came back to my study.
After few minutes I forgot about this incident.

Two weeks have passed, I gave my exams, got high marks, and again came to library, but this time just to read some book.
I was sitting near to window, watching out to the park in front of library, and same time reading a novel. It was a sunny, lovely day, and many people were outside. But I dont know why, I decided to spend my time in library.
 There were few girls sitting around the same table with me. One of them was very happy, she was waiting to her fiance to come, since they have planned to go a jewellery shop and buy a marriage ring. She was getting married within few weeks. She was very excited and telling all the preparation details to her friends, and it has taken my attention too. I stopped reading and started to watch outside, my mind flaw away. I was thinking that how is going to be my marriage? with whom I will get married? how I will feel in that time?

Suddenly someone thump to my chair from behind. I turned back and saw, that was a same guy whom I have given napkins, he was trying to find a place there to sit, since whole library was full of students. He was surprised to see me there, but I just kindly moved my chair to give a place to him. He again took his sit behind me. After sometime we got acquainted, and started to talk.
He was an Indian, and couldn't speak Armenian, and I was not speaking English, but some universal language was connecting us. I don't know how, but we could understand each other. We were talking the way, like we known each other for centuries, we forgot about books, we forgot where we are.

In that day I could not even imagine that it's a start of a long journey, which will change my entire life. After eight years this guy will become my husband, and one day I will find that two napkins in his rack, gingerly kept with other symbols of our love.

To be continued... 

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