Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Monsoon Love

Today I was planning to write some other topic, but when I woke up in the morning and saw the wonderful weather outside, I could not avoid my excitement and decided to dedicate my today post to Monsoon season in Delhi.
When I was living in Armenia I have not clearly understood what it means Monsoon season. Yeah, I have known that it's a time when rain starts, but out of it I havn't know more.
When you live in country where geographic location is totally different from the country where you were born and grow up, you will be surprised to see so much changes in one place and to adopt yourself for it.
As I live in Delhi, here weather is different if to compare it with other parts of India.
The most pleasant weather starts on February and ends first weeks of May. That time reminds me about summer in Armenia. Started from May (sometimes even end of April) we have extremely hot weather till July. The temperature can increase till 47 C, and then from July it will start to rain, but the temperature is still high. Now (end of August and September)  it still rains but temperature is low. From July till Mid-September the season called Monsoon. Here we have rain, crazy, very heavy.
I remember those rains from Indian movies in my childhood, and it has seemed to me artificial but also so romantic (specially when couple was dancing under rain).

Rain in India is magical. And such magic happened today morning with me.
I woke up from the voice of heavy rain. Decided to go to roof and enjoy. If you have been in India you will know how roofs looks like here, specially in Delhi. Those are basically like a balconies.

Here I grow plants, do yoga, meet sunrise, meditate in the mornings and enjoy my time with cup of tea during sunset.

 Today I could not do my all activities, but have enjoy it differently.
Meditation under rain , doesn't it seem extra sexy?Let it be.
Sometimes we need to do something extraordinary, unexpected and crazy. The result was my purified mind, unconditional love to my plants, my inner peace and extremely happy mood.

Human being is a very interesting creature, how we change, how we develop and how our likes and dislikes change we can never know. Now I feel happy with things which I have never taken attention before, May be I have grown up, become more mature? What makes me feel so sensitive?
India is a country which changes human from inside out. Here either you will find, or will lose yourself. This country is like inspiration, it's motivation, to induce you do something unbelievable, To make you relax even if your whole body is wet and half  of the body is under water, to smile and feel "sabai", and tell to yourself: "take it easy, it's Indian Monsoon".

Love and Peace 

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