Thursday, 4 August 2016

The smell of my childhood of the most innocent part of human life. Memories which we accumulate during that period will never be forgotten: whether those are sweet or grievous. 
 My childhood memories are following me everywhere, every time, Have you ever thought, that as we get old we remember our childhood time more and more? And those memories become clear day by day, or even we can see them in our dreams. Even if I live thousands kilometers far from the place I was born, nothing matters, those memories are always with me and I want to keep them, keep them deep in to my long term memory, because this is the only thing which I can do with them, just keep. 
 I can not touch to those memories, but I can feel the smell of them. When I close my eyes and I see the scene, I can feel the smell as well. 

I feel the smell of 1990's cold, dark smell. But I see the metal stove in which pieces of woods slowly smolder, and on the top of the stove I see roasted potato planks. Oh that potato smell...No any dish has that simple, but the most delicious smell.

 I see the wheat fields of my village, when  wind moves the spikes, it seems like a huge green ocean. It feels like a paradise in early morning, when dew covers the fields and I can breath the fresh smell of the awakening nature. 

But I remember how it changes in autumn, when everything covered with golden yellow. I  use to walk in to this fields and take their unlimited freedom. 

I remember the smell of fresh backed lavash, eating with fresh vegetables, cheese and cold tan, by siting just next to the tandoor. I haven't had this chance so often, if not only when I was in my grandmother's home. 

 I feel the smell of cherry blossom in our orchard, and how butterflies and bees were flying on it.

Smells of my childhood are a lot, every memory has its own specific smell: beautiful and sweet. Though my childhood has coincided with the period, when my country had lot of problems,: war, earthquake,  dilapidated economy, however  in my memories those days will always stay shiny and colorful. 

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