Monday, 29 August 2016

My International Family

 Being a generation of late 1980's and living in post Soviet country,  english language was unachievable challenge for my generation children. Im my city where every school taught  German  only few people have known english.
 Till my 21st I havn't know even English Alphabet, and about Hindi I couldn't even dream. But life had an other plans for me and now as you see everything is different. As an Armenian girl I could never imagine myself living in India, but we can not always control our destiny.

So now I am part of big international family. Why I call my family international, because I am not the only one married with foreigner. There is also my elder sister who is married with Iranian boy. Though he has an Armenian descent, however many things are different and comes from Iranian culture.
So I will share my experience how things change, when we get foreign relative in our families.

When some foreigner becomes a member of your family, first thing which you do, collect information about that country and culture, you start to be more careful about news and anything related to that country.Everything begins with communication, which is a big challenge for the older members of family. So someone has to be in the role of translator. And here it starts, you try to explain with color, with size, with what it is related. And sometime people will understand you, sometime they will not, but always will say yes"" (just to make you relax).And it doesn't end here, you start to download different dictionaries in your smartphone or carry dictionary with you almost everywhere. And at home google translation would be always on your screen of computer.
The older members of your family will always speak with their foreign relative's, even though he will not understand, however they will do "cheers", will say toast in different languages and  enjoy Armenian cognac together. This is the most funny part of International family.

I have realized one thing, that after sometime my parents  started to say some english words, like "hello", "thank you", "good"and also "salam" or "namaste", but here  you need to be very careful because some "innocent" word can have some swearing meaning in other languages.
Just because you have foreign relatives you will start to try that country food, (even though you may not like). You will get to know different recipes and also the addresses of that country restaurants.
When you have international family you will have a lot of souvenirs from that country, also traditional clothes.
Unconsciously you will start to listen that country songs and try to remember the words.
At your home there would be always topic about politics, and relationship between our countries.
You will have few sim cards from different countries, luggages with boarding pass of different flights.
And skype would be always on in your device.
You will celebrate New Year several times,( because of time difference), and not only, there would be a lot of celebrations and day offs about which you will get to know.
Your neighbors will make excuses for coming to your home and children will make a round in the yard, just to see how he looks like.
There are lot of things which changes when you get family member from different country. And  finally people will have opinion about that nation according to your relatives behaview (even though I am not agree with this point, such as  everyone is different and in every nation there are good and bad people).

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